Arduino Micro with nRF24L01+ Problem


I’m trying to make my Micro work with the nRF24l01+ so far with no success. I know all the hardware bits work as I’ve used all without any problem, and my code works fine with Uno and Mega2560, but it all falls apart when I replace the Uno with the Micro. The radio library is the RF24.
Does anyone have any experience of running a Micro with this radio? I’m wondering if I’ve wired the radio to the Micro correctly (the wires are short and soldered, with 1mF and 1nF capacitors at the radio end as recommended elseware), due to the slight differences between the two?, or code differences? - Code for the Uno/Micro is attached.

Pins used on Micro:
Radio Micro
1 - +3.3v +3.3v
2 - Gnd Gnd
3 - CE 10
4 - CSN 9
5 - SCK SCK Top right
6 - MOSI MOSI Top left
7 - MISO MISO 2nd down right
8 - No connection

Thank you in advance for any advice/tips,

printf.h (657 Bytes)

Temp_MICRO_UNO_TX_004.ino (2.25 KB)