Arduino need help

Hello im trying to connect 20 to 30 hand made copper weight sensors to ardino from distance without using any cables. Can you guys tell me if it is possible and is there have any better way to do it.
thank you

Have you tried string or thread?

Hello. No im trying to send data from weight sensor to arduino without using any cables. like car keys. i only need two kind of data rom weight sensor like yes there have something or no there is nothing.

I have a bunch of car keys. None of then send anything to anywhere.

What does this type of sensor measuere ?

i made a load sensor using copper and velostat

guys i just need to connect my sensor to ardino from distance

Without more info, I think this is the best…

You could try wire or chain.

i think connecting 30 sensors in to one ardino with wire might make the wire too big and easy to break that's why im looking for another way to connect sensors to ardino. i guess using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or any other distance connecting technology would be better but i dont know witch technology would be better and how to use one.

And every sensor must be connected individually

Do you realise you are asking for very specific answer with a very broad question. For example, what is the max distance between the arduino and sensors. If you want help you have provide all the information and not bits and pieces and hope there is a clairvoyant arduino enthusiast that can help you.

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Even being clairvoyant it will practicly impossible to get all the details in place.

and my crystal ball is in the dishwasher

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I think he means those which open the car door when you press a button on the key. Most of my car keys have that. :sunglasses:

Sounds ... sort of enterprising! :astonished:

I will keep that one in mind. :grin:

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