Arduino Pro Mini + GSM Sim900 Mini V3

Hello friends!

I'm making an GSM Web Server with Arduino Pro Mini and GSM Sim900 Mini.

And I don't know what is the right pins? :frowning:

I found it, but now I don't know where I need to plug these pins.


Can't tell from that picture. Got a link to a datasheet?

this is module
I need pins for connection to arduino pro mini

A quick Google gave me this but also there are a lot of different versions of the board (with or without voltage regulator etc).

But the important info

So TTL serial is om the inner to pins of that header, SIMT and SIMR for I guess Tx and Rx respectively.

yes it's GSM pins but I don't know where I need to plug these pins on arduino pro mini

They are Serial so what about the serial pins?

i've tested not working :frowning:

You've tested what? And how?

I've connect GSM tx rx to arduino pins 4,3 2,3 0,1 8,9 they are written in libraries and in internet but it isn't working

You mean in libraries you don't post here?

this pins?