Arduino pro mini , MPU 6050 connection problem

I am having problems to read values from MPU 6050 sensor in my project. Other sensors are working ok. I have checked my wiring(attached photo) many times and I have been reading the forums. Everything seems to be ok. I have run i2c scanner which finds only the first register connected to i2c(also attached). when I run the code MPU6050_DMP6 , it fails and outputs 0’s. Other demos don’t work too. Do you have any idea about what might be wrong?

Note: All the details about pieces I used can be seen on the photo. I assume frequency and board selection is right since I can read values from other sensors.

You should connect AD0 to either Gnd or Vcc. Many low-power devices do not have pullups on their inputs.

I'm not sure, but you may have to add pullups also to the SCL and SDA lines (to 3.3V, according to the 6050 datasheet).

Did you search the forum for more MPU 6050 topics?

Thanks for the reply. Actually, yes I have been searching for a solution through the forum. I came across with the recommendation of connecting AD0 to Gnd and I tried it before. However, it still does not work. But I will try to add pullups also to SCL and SDA. Frankly, I have started to think that the MPU might be dead as well. I will try to replace it as soon as possible. See what happens. Thanks again for the suggestions.

Post your code perhaps?