Arduino raspberry pi communication & project critiques needed

I'm making a hydroponics lab setup right now.

What I want is the arduino to control many functions (see pic), then send data (multiple temperature and moisture readouts) to a raspberry pi where the raspberry pi can post this info onto a domain or email it to a device. Somewhere where I can always check out the latest report and get a status update.

I decided raspberry pi because I already own one and it has a wifi dongle.

I'm building a project box now, I already have most of the circuits planned, What I ask is

  1. Connect a arduino to a raspberry pi, is there a 'best way' for me

  2. Is this a good approach?

  3. Any questions/critiques on my project in general, this is my first major electronics project.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Sorry heres the pic

Image from Reply #1. See Image Guide


You can easily connect an Arduino to an RPi using the USB cable and Serial communication.

This Python - Arduino demo may be helpful. Also look at Serial Input Basics which was written more recently.