Arduino rover, the wiring part


I am following instructions for an Arduino obstacle avoiding rover. I am looking at the circuit and the wirings that the person uploaded at the moment. I have trouble understanding it and would like to get some help before I start.
If you look at the image you can see that the H-bridge seems to “divide” a pin with the sensor on the arduino. Same goes for the servo and the sensor (the black wire), they seem to “share” it. Please, can you explain what he means with that? I really appreciate the help.

The red and black wires appear to be from 5v and Gnd. They are simply supplying power to each part.


It seems like the red wire from the h-bridge and the sensor goes to the +5V pin, what should I do? :confused: Also, the sensor is connected to the servo, the same red wire. I don't get it :confused:

Hi, Similar project with LOT of details HERE: