arduino temperature measurement

Hello guys!! My name is marianna and i am totaly new to arduino projects. For my dissertation i need to fix a wireless system that will measure up enviromental temperature and will send the data back to the computer in order for them to be kept in a file, but i dont know exactly what parts i have to use. (arduino board + xbee + lm35???) (if it all worked in zigbee it would be perfect). So i am asking for you help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could someone please help me out???????/


I am doing just that, except the logging part, but that will be implemented eventually.

My setup is Arduino UNO board, Dallas DS18S20 1-Wire sensors, XBEE Series 2 module as router connected to the UNO.

On the PC side I am using Digi's XStick as Coordinator, using AT commands to talk to router.

You will also need Digi's XCTU tool to program the XBEE modules. Be aware they have a newer version for MS Vista (version

I find their website a bit confusing to navigate, took me a while to find the right information.

I used C# Express 2010 (Free download from MS) to write a user interface to talk to the XStick, sending commands to the Router/UNO to return data.

I am getting temperatures for now, and will be getting 2 tank levels (MPX5050DP pressure sensor) and controlling 2 AC fans and a bilge pump with SSRs (Solid State Relays). Just waiting for parts coming in.

The XBEEs Series 2 took me a while to grasp, apparently Series 1 is easier, but I will eventually set up a Mesh network so needed Series 2.

thank you very very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm looking for a very similar solution but it is still at the 'thinking' stage at the moment. In my case the remote sensors need to be battery powered.

I started off looking for an XBee based solution, but they all look quite expensive by the time you've got a shield and an XBee module.

The JeeNode is attractive from the point of view of low power (and available pre-assembled and with integrated radio) but the price is a bit steep for me (I'm going to need quite a few of these).

My current favorite approach after much helpful advice here is to use a DS18B20 single wire digital temp sensor and NRF24L01 2.4GHz radio modules for the comms. I haven't figured out the most appropriate Arduino to use yet, but I can see some priced as low as £10-£15 and I'm hoping that I'll find something suitable in that price range.

I have a C# application that takes serial data, from a XBee on a USB Explorer (or any other source), parses the data, records the information in a SQL database, and graphs it. If you are interested, PM me with an e-mail address and I'll send it to you. I could supply the Arduino sketch, too, but it uses a different sensor. The format of the data to send to the C# application would be apparent, though.

I'd say that with a little hunting, 99% of the work you need to do is done. I hope that your dissertation involves the use of that data more than the collection and transfer of the data.