Arduino TFT 1.77 SD card

Hi, I hope it is possible for someone to help me display a bmp image from the TFT card. After solving the issue of black lines appearing on the display (fixed by using a nightly build Feb/2014) I am not able to get the bmp logo to work, or any other example of loading an image.

I'm using an Uno r3. The wiring is correct and I have been able to use the screen fine. IM using pin 4 for the sd_cs

in the example it waits for the serial monitor, and that crashes for this example: Exception in thread "EventThread COM3" java.lang.NullPointerException at at jssc.SerialPort$

bypassing the serial monitor also does not work. Does anyone have any ideas what may be wrong? My java is the latest build, I'm running a windows 7 64 bit.

Ok, since you are indicating an error related to the serial port and have already indicated that the display works fine, maybe we should address the serial port issue separately. Can provide some proof that the serial port works ? (I assume you are loading your program with it so what do you have to do to NOT get a serial port error (ie: run a different program , etc. ) ? Can you run a simple serial port test , with and without the display connected so we can at least have something to go on ? Also, set your compiler output to verbose ("File\Preferences") and place the mouse cursor over the compiler window and do a Control-A to highlight the compiler output , then Control-C to copy it and then open Notepad and place the mouse curson in the Notepad window and do a Control-V to paste it into Notepad and post that file so we can see the compiler output. We can't proceed any further without it. It would also help if you post your code file as well instead of giving us a link.

You need to specify which IDE version you are running . (1.05 ?)

I had the same errors. I was running Beta 1.56. I went back to the release 1.05. With the same download on my Uno, didn't even re-open the code to look at it, I'm not getting the crashing errors. The problem is probably the beta you're running.

An image viewer may be used to help you display bmp image. And here is a detailed guide for image viewing and displaying.

Where ?

A thank you all for your comments. I will try all the things you suggest.

I have tried the following up to yet.

The latest version 1.0.5 will not work with the screen. Black lines are displayed on the screen. This is a new screen version and many people have had this issue. Using the nightly is the only solution I can get to work.

However with the nightly the serial monitor does crash on all tests with and without the screen. Returning to 1.0.3 and running the same serial code works, however the screen has black lines, and does not work. I will past my code later ,but I am running unmodified examples.

Outputting verbose compile shows no errors, I can also post this later.

Thank you all again trying to help with this issue.

Have solved the problem. :)

The problem was due to this being incorrect:

There are 2 mistakes, one which I spotted - a wire needs to connect to sd to pin 4.

The rest of the wiring is just wrong. Here is the correct version.

When official tutorials are wrong it makes it difficult for a beginner. Could there some indication of software version that things relate too? As I'm assuming it was correct at some stage?