arduino to operate this camera


Can someone help with the wire function of the drone camera from my damaged quad. I would like to use camera as remote time lapse using arduino.
My camera unit attaches to a damaged quadcopter. It has its own micro sd card, no audio. I have had a bit of a think about these wires. Red and Black are power supply (3.7 Volts - battery of quadcopter). Now this is where I seek advice/criticism. My thinking is power white wire on - take photo. then power off white. repeat to take next photo. But I don’t know time to power up so as camera can complete a write to SD card. Similarly for video record - power on to Yellow wire then turn off to stop recording.

What do you think?


drone camera.JPG

Those look like outputs of a typical analog cam.

I googled "hack four wire drone camera", and guess what? Some folks have hacked similar cameras.

You really need a functioning system to analyze.