Syma x11 quadcopter camera..Can it be used with Arduino?

I have a camera unit from a Syma x11 C quadcopter that I'd like to experiment with in some arduino projects. The unit includes a micro SD slot. I'm just not sure how to trigger the camera to take a photo or video.

While it was on the quadcopter, you would press a button of the transmitter to take a photo, and hold the button to initiate the video.

There are solder points on the board..+,-,DV, DC. Only +,-, and DV were used on the quadcopter.

The only thing I tries so far is the blink example program. 5v and ground to the respective leads on the cam, and pin 10 out to the DV lead on the cam. I figured it should take a photo every high cycle. It didn't work. I even tried different delays..nothing worked.

By the way, I’m very new to Arduino

I have the exact same question!

Without good quality photos of the module, the chances to figure it out are pretty low.

lg, couka

at some point i'll have to examine how much time i'm spending on the intrenet but here is what appears to be a pic

I was wondering the same thing, i have a camera off of a old Syma drone and I would like it to use it to take pictures with my arduino. The camera has 3 wires, Vcc, Signal, and Gnd.

It seems we have waited - for two years now - for someone to cite a document specifying the camera, or at the very least, a set of pictures of sufficient resolution (which requires full outside daylight, short of a fully equipped studio) to examine the module in question.

Wow, I didn't realize how old this thread was! Here is a link to the actual drone on amazon if it helps:

-- DH