Arduino Uno+Adafruit Motor Sheild+Stepper Motor

hey, I'm new to arduino. I have an arduino uno and an adafruit motor shield and a 4 wire stepper motor. I want to control the stepper motor with directional keys (arrow keys). I'm completely clueless on how to do that so i'd appreciate all the help I can get.


Have you tried googling for "arduino stepper motor" tutorial? Did you find anything? Did that work? If not, why not?

Yes i have done that before but that doesn't give anything on controlling it with arrow keys.

That would be a serial input thing I guess, unless your wiring a couple of buttons.

That tutorial seems like its just for speed but I want to control the direction of the stepper motor

You won't find a tutorial that tells you how to do EXACTLY what you want to do. Tutorials are there to teach you how particular concepts work. It is then up to you to try to put those concepts together.

The concepts you need probably look something like: 1) Making motors run forwards and backwards using Arduino. 2) Communicating from a computer to an Arduino. 3) How to write general program logic -- "if this then that."

It sounds like you have at least 1) and 2). Option 3) is covered pretty well by most of the starter projects. Perhaps you're not that interested in making LEDs blink or whatnot, but if you don't know how to program in general, I highly recommend working through those tutorials until you understand them. The "Blink without delay" tutorial is one of the most important ones.