[Arduino Uno] Controlling Servos Using Pololu Micro Servo Controller

Hi there I am quite new to Arduino and I am trying to make a robot. I am using the Pololu Micro Servo Controller to control 2 servos for now but when I am done the full 8 servo capacity.

I searched the internet for an example code but could not find any. I am using the Arduino Uno, The servos are seperatly powered, the 2 servos are connected to the micro servo controller on the 0 and 1 port. I have connected the SIN port on the servo controller to digital pin 7. The micro servo controller is powered by the 5v from the arduino board and of course the GND Pin.

The servo is in the Pololu mode.

Could someone help me with the code and correct me if I made any mistakes in the connecting process?
Ps: If you have any handy libraries I would be happy to download them!

(the site for the micro servo controller)

(the servo type I am using)

Did you download and read the user's guide?

Did you install the Arduino library?

Yes I did both and I read through all of the commands within the library but I could not figure out when to use what command. I followed the steps given in the product PDF so that must be connected right.

My main problem is the programming interface that I simply don't understand. A simple example code would be enough just for me to understand how to set the servos and how to control them. Because I am planning to connect the robot to my phone via Bluetooth and then have 4 buttons (forward, backwards, turn left and turn right) and then when you push the button the arduino would run a code with the correct steps to perform the requested movement.

It's a really strange interface so I think you will just have to read and experiment until you understand how it works. There isn't anything difficult like checksums in the messages and all of the messages are 5 or 6 bytes so there aren'tany big long messages to learn.

The problem with using an UNO is that you won't be able to do any debug output because your servo controller will be using the only available hardware serial port. You might want to consider getting an Arduino MEGA so you can use Serial1, Serial2, or Serial3. Or at least get a Leonardo so you can use Serial1.

Did you need most of the Arduino UNO pins for other stuff? The Arduino UNO can drive 12 servo motors all by itself.