Arduino UNO - Download with burned ATmega16U2

My arduino Uno has burned the ATmega16U2, so I find a way to dowload the sketches.
I used a USB to UART TTL converter (CP2012).
It´s very simple, when show “Uploading…” press the Reset button on Arduino.

This is the connections:

TXD-------------PIN0 - RX
RXD------------PIN1 - TX

I made a search and don’t find anything similar.
Hope being usefull

Hello! Thanks for your post! I burned up yesterday this chip :/ And have little question. This solutions work with Processing? Because many my projects only for this app.

UPDATE. And answer is YES! Buyed today USB-TTL converter, Processing work like a charm (with reset button ofcourse)! I am fckng happy :)