Arduino uno r3 5v with esp wroom 02

Hi guys, I am trying to connect my Arduino Uno R3 with esp-wroom-02 wifi module, however, the 3.3v source of UNO can only provide 50mA current, which is not enough to push esp-wroom-02 (operating current 80mA).

I would like to ask if it is possible to power the esp wroom 02 with the 5V source. (Any way I can reduce the 5v source to 3.3v? Or can I draw more than 50mA from the 3.3v source?)

Also, does it means that I do not need any resistor (or extremely small resistor) when connecting the 3.3v source with the esp-wroom-02 module since the maximum current is only 50mA?


You need a source of 3V3, you can get this using a fixed voltage regulator from the Arduino's 5V output pin. These need a capacitor on both input and output.

All other suggestions you made are wrong.