Arduino with joystick and electro actuator - proportional.

Hello, im new here, also looking for some ways of solutions.
Im wondering if someone did something similar to that:Hetronic - MEC-HL - Industrial Radio Remote Controls - YouTube (video shows for what functionallity im looking for)
Also what is important for me:
-joystick one axis - with potentiometer? (because of proportionality?)
-actuator with middle neutral position; it moves to both directions around 30mm.
-supply 12/24VDC.
Also actuator with both side direction movement and proportional functionality.
Has someone done that? how much cost me that if it is possiable?
Im looking for your answers and sorry for my bad english language.

The video shows a hydraulic actuator. You will need a pump, proportional hydraulic valves (controllable with an Arduino) and a hydraulic cylinder. That will be very expensive (hundreds or maybe thousands, of dollars US).

We may be able to suggest something less expensive if you tell us what you want to do and how much force that the actuator must deliver.

Video shows retrofit for cranes. this retrofit system does have transmitter, reciever and electro actuators.
( )
as i see those actuators are moving rods of mechanical hydraulic commands.
Force around 30kg/300N, more is better.

as i see those actuators are moving rods of mechanical hydraulic commands.

So, you just want to move the rods under Arduino control?

A linear actuator with feedback or a stepper driving a lead screw could drive the rods with precision dependent upon the method and hardware.

yes. this retrofit on video is very expensive..
what parts do you recommend? you can post me direct links.
what will be estimated cost for lets say one set? there are also options for remote control?

what parts do you recommend?

I can recommend nothing at this point. This is way beyond my experience. Hydraulics are not something that I would be comfortable playing with as a hobbyist. A tiny bug in your code could lead to unintended motion and potentially cause harm.

Thank you for answers.
Lets say, in theory, if i use one on those servos: JX Servo PS-HV9033MG
and joystick JH-D202X-R2/R4 10K 2D or similar.
what other electronic part do i need to get this working with remote, if possiable?you can post direct links for components. at this point forget about cases, holders and other stuff.
Available is only 12VDC power supply.