Arduino Yun

Hi everyone, I am new with Arduino Yun so, there is a question for you. First sorry because of my English.

I want to control LED-s via internet (I have created a sketch and a webpage, inserted and configured sd card, there is a www subfolder and uploading it via wifi). I have configured my Yun on, and it is connected to my wifi network. Everything is like in all tutorials that you can find on internet.

The problem is that when I am inserting or my-arduino-name.local/sd/sketch-name in web browser, it shows to me: The connection was reset, or Server not found. Then I tried to upload sketches from the Bridge library or projects from internet, but there is the same problem. If I connect my laptop to Arduino Yun wifi network and try to access to my arduino via web browser it shows me: No such file or directory.

So, any idea? Somebody with same problem, or solution?? Thanks...


The "local" doesn't belong here. Try:


For this form to work, you need an mDNS client on your computer, and the Yun and computer must be on the same network segment.

mDNS: this is the way that the Yun broadcasts it's "my-arduino-name.local" name to the rest of the network so that it can be found. Macs and iOS devices include an mDNS Clint called Bonjour. Windows does not, but Bonjour can be downloaded and installed from Apple. Linux uses Avahi to do the same thing. As far as I know, there is no mDNS client available for Android.

Network: the mDNS protocol relies on broadcasts. These are generally not passed through routers or bridges. If you have to go through a router to get to your Yun, using the my-arduino-name.local name probably won't work. Same thing if you go through a wireless access point (ie: a Yun is on wireless, computer on wired.) The solution to both cases is to use the IP address, not the my-arduino-name.local name.

Thank you! It was my fault, I tried what you said: and it's work fine when my computer is connected to Arduino Yun wifi network.

What I need to do if I want to access to my arduino from another nework? Is there any configuration that I need to do, or something else?

you need to modify your router to forward the external IP address and port, to the local IP address and port 80 of the Yun.