Arduino Zero based ESC

I'm developing an Arduino Zero based sensor-less ESC (electronic speed controller) for my quadcopter and I am thinking of making it open-source. I may even sell them one day.

Some specs:

  • 30 amps continous, >80 amps peak
  • 2 to 3S (6.6V to 12.6V)
  • Current monitoring
  • Various control methods; PWM, I2C, Serial, USB
  • ~$10 BOM @1000
  • DC-DC converter
  • 20mm x 43mm PCB

Version 1

I just wanted to see if anyone would want to use it before I spend the time on the documentation.


Sounds like an cool project! I would be intrested!

I think a open source arduino based esc would be intresting to many! I see such a project beeing relevant in multiple fields. For arduino based robotics project and propulsion systems (i.e), a esc could be a door opener imho!