Atmega4808 pinout? - SOLVED

Hello, I'm still new to the Atmega4808 processor. So far it has been great and I have figure out a lot about the pinout. But Now I would like to use the Spi on the processor and Stumped because it looks like it has two Spi channels. Which one should I use as the primary Spi? I have attached a image below. I have figure the I2c pins as Pa2 and Pa3 But so far not the Spi pins. Can someone please help me to figure out what spi pins should I use?


There is some information here:

Available pin combinations for the 28 pin and 32 pin standard pinouts are:

Peripheral Default Alternative
SPI swap(0) or pins(4,5,6,7) swap(1) or pins(8,9,10,11)

I did not see that. Thank you


You are welcome

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