Audio input from 3.5 mm stereo jack help?

I am trying to create a device that gets input from a keyboard via a 3.5 mm audio jack ( using this breakout board SparkFun Audio Jack Breakout - PRT-10588 - SparkFun Electronics). I have no idea what RNG, RSH, TSH, and TIP should be wired to on the arduino. Any ideas?

The jack is designed to be used with a plug like this one:
Here's how it connects:

  • TIP: Connects to the tip of the plug; hence the name, TIP
  • RNG: Connects to the metal ring in the center of the shaft; abbreviation for RING
  • TSH: Tip shunt. When there's no plug in the jack, TSH is connected to TIP
  • RSH: Ring shunt. When there's no plug in the jack, RSH is connected to RNG

I can't tell how to connect it to the Arduino. What kind of signal do you expect from the keyboard? What do you want to do with it?

My goal is to have sound inputed from a keyboard (or some other device) through the 3.5 mm jack and then the Arduino will create an arpegio based on that note. I have absolutely no clue what kind of information is given through the jack. I was going to worry about that after I got it connected at least.

You could use this circuit: I'd recommend adding a 5K resistor between the circuit and the analog input, to provide a little protection for the pin.

Be aware: If your keyboard has an agressive output voltage, you could smoke your Arduino.

I don't think I fully understand the circuit. My breakout board has five pins (GND, RNG, RSH, TSH, and TIP). GND obviously goes to ground but the circuit you linked to doesn't label the connections so I am still unsure as to how the other four pins are connected to the arduino.

I think that your keyboard outputs a signal on TIP. So, a good first try would be GND to Arduino ground, and TIP to the interface circuit in the drawing, then a 5K resistor, and then to what ever analog input you intend to use. I mean, I think that you’re going to use and analog input - right?

You probably don’t need to use the other pins on the breakout board for this application.

I will use analog. I'll try using the TIP. Thank you so much for the help!