Automatic License Plate Recognition

Hi i'm new to arduino and bought a arduino uno rev 3 recently. I'm doing a project that require ALPR function. I was thinking if I can connect an arducam mini with 2mp OV2640 onto my arduino and send the captured image(front of the car) to my computer and use matlab to process the image.

You can in theory but in practice it will probably not work (but please prove me wrong)

For ALPR you need a constant stream, so the analysis can

  1. see if the picture recognizes change compared to previous image,
    ==> 20 frames per second
  2. if so check if there is one or more possible license plates
    ==> deformed rectangle certain colours, including abroad ones
  3. if so transform deformed rectangles to nice rectangles
  4. apply OCR on the

The problem area is that the Arduino cannot meet the frame rate.
(Raspberry PI probably can)