Avrdude: not in sync - can't program Pro mini 5v 16mhz

I have brought an Arduino Pro Mini 5v 16 mhz and a USB FTDI adapter of Ebay.
this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/310575150851?ru=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fsch%2Fi.html%3F_from%3DR40%26_sacat%3D0%26_nkw%3D310575150851%26_rdc%3D1

To program it, I’ve hooked it up as follows:
TX0 – RX
RX1 – TX

see attachment for picture

When connecting the FTDI to the Pro mini and then to the pc, I can see that the Pro Mini is running the standard blink sketch. When uploading my sketch, I choose COM7 (I know it’s the right port) and boardtype “Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (5v, 16mhz) w/ ATmega328”

When I press the upload button I get this error:
avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

After pressing the upload button I can see the on board led (pin 13?) on the Pro mini is flashing a lot, and the TX led on the FTDI flashing two times, and then nothing more happens, the Pro mini goes back to running the blink sketch, and I am stock with the error message in Arduino IDE

I’ve tried adding in a 100 nf disc capacitor between FTDI’s DTR pin and the Pro mini’s RST but with the same result, getting the error message…

I have tried programming another Pro mini (100% identical) through the FTDI adapter but with the same result.

What am I missing? does anyone have a solution to fix this, which will enable me uploading sketches to the pro mini without getting the error message?

Thank you

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Have you tried the loop back test on the FTDI adapter to make sure it is working properly. Connect TX and RX, then open the serial monitor and see if everything you send is echoed back. If so, then you can focus on your connections or the Arduino.

hmm. If i connect a jumper from RX to TX on the ftdi adapter, loads up a serial console (through Arduino IDE) and sends some random letters, I don’t see them at all in the serial console window. But the RX and TX leds flashes quickly every time i hit the “Send” button. The baudrate is set to 9600, I don’t know if I should change that?

Have you seen this post, maybe it will help: http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=160423.msg1214011#msg1214011

Thank you, I've just tried to downgrade my driver to the one mentioned, but that didn't change anything.. :-(

To program it, I've hooked it up as follows: DTR -- DTR TX0 -- RX RX1 -- TX VCC -- VCC GND -- CTS GND -- GND

Should that be RX0?

I don't think so. The name of the pin, on the Pro mini says "RX1"

I wouldn't worry too much about connections until after you can get the loop back to work. This is indicating a problem with the FTDI adapter.

Should I be able to see the text i send, in the console window? cause when i press Send, the console windows stays blank, the only thing at indicates something is happening is the TX RX leds on the FTDI adapter

Yes, you should see everything you send in the receive window. If you don't, that is a problem.

Seems like you have something wrong with the adapter.

BTW, the RX i = input TX o = output It is letting you know the direction of the signal.

I don't see anything coming back (or being sent) in the serial console at all... I have tried on two pc's with two different versions of the FTDI driver but without any luck at all.

In the main time I've tried using my UNO as FTDI adapter following this: http://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-Examples-2-Use-an-Arduino-as-a-FTDI-Progr/?ALLSTEPS

I've hooked it up as follows, is everything right? Pro Mini UNO DTR -- RST (should I use a 100nf disc capacitor???) TX0 -- RX0 RX1 -- TX1 VCC -- 5v GND -- GND GND -- GND

With the setup above I still get the same old error...

I've burned a new bootloader to the pro mini through the UNO with success. But still no luck using the FTDI adapter, or the UNO as configured above^^

This is where I am so far

Finally after hours of work, I’ve managed to use my UNO as FTDI adapter to upload my sketch to the Pro Mini. I’ve attached my schematic for other users to see.

Is it okay to tie the reset to ground, on the UNO?

The only thing I can’t get to work, is the auto reset on the Pro mini, every time I upload a sketch, I have to push the reset button manually, is there a work around for this?

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Hello, I am trying to upload a simple blinky program onto the Arduino Pro Mini 5V/16Mhz ( Atmega328) using an Arduino UNO. I have tried wiring up the circuit as you have shown in the figure. However I still get the same error : avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00. The following were my connections Arduino UNO - Arduino Pro Mini Gnd - BLK Gnd - Gnd 5V - Vcc Rx - Rx1 Tx - Tx I also connected the RESET of the Arduino UNO to its Gnd. I pressed the Manual Reset button immediately after the code finished compiling and started uploading. Is that the right way of doing it? Also when I connect the Arduino Board to the computer, it says Arduino UNO on COM 31 in device manager, however Arduino software does not recognize COM 31. It instead suggests COM 3 for Arduino Pro Mini( which is the board that I have selected). Could you please tell me when the reset button has to be pressed?Also which board should I select ? Is my computer supposed to detect the Arduino as Arduino Pro Mini? Do I need to install any drivers for this? If anybody has any idea what I am doing wrong, can you please help me out?

Thank You

I will write you a detailed answer when I get home. I hope I am able to help you

Thank You very much.

Hello again

Try to remove the wire between gnd and blk, and see if it solves your problem (if not, try hooking it up again). You (or at least I have) to press the reset button (on the pro mini) just as the "Binary sketch size xxx" shows up, after pressing the upload-button in the Arduino IDE. This works for me. I am choosing the Arduino Pro Mini 5V/16Mhz ( Atmega328).

If you can upload a sketch to your UNO normally, everything should be fine, and ready to go. Just wire it up as you do, but remove the wire between gnd and blk. Your computer is supposed to not detect the Pro mini, as it is connected through the UNO's USB interface, your computer should recognize your UNO and assign it a communication port which you have to set under Arduino IDE.

Hello, I tried doing as you suggested, however I still got the same error. Am I supposed to select the Arduino Pro Mini board or Arduino UNO? And is it possible to program both the UNO and the Pro Mini at the same time? If so which board am I supposed to select? Is there any alternative you suggest I try to get my code uploaded? Thanks

You are supposed to choose the Arduino Pro Mini, even if you use your UNO to program it, as you do. As far as I am concerned it isn't possible to program both the Uno and Pro Mini at once, as you tie the Uno's reset to gnd to use it to program your Pro Mini.

If you've got an USB --> TTL converter you might want to use that one instead, I am able to program it though such one (but I still have to press the reset button manually)

This thread has been a great help. I recently purchases three Arduino Pro Mini and an FTDI breakout board knockoffs from eBay, and spent a long time trying to upload a sketch. The upload would fail with "avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00". After reading this thread, I downgraded the FTDI drivers to version 2.08.24, and it solved the problem!

A note on downgrading the drivers: I had a bit of a hard time as Windows (7, 64-bit) kept insisting that my current driver (2.08.30) is up to date. To force the downgrade, download the FTDI driver version 2.08.24 from here:


and update the USB Serial Converter as well as the USB Serial Port (COM#) driver.

I had a problem convincing Windows to use the older driver version. In Device Manager, under Universal Serial Bus Controllers, right-click on USB Serial Converter, select Properties/Driver/Update Driver, Browse my computer for driver software, and then "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer", then navigate to the folder where you unpacked the driver. If I did not do the latter step but chose "Search for driver software in this location:" which pointed to a directory where I have previously unpacked a more recent version of the driver, Windows was using a cached copy of the newer driver.

Do the same for the USB Serial Port (COM#) port.

Hope this helps.

I am glad to hear this topic helped you. Do you still have to do a manual reset of the Pro Mini, or does it auto-reset, now that you've downgraded the driver?

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