Battery Question


I have an Arduino set up to trigger my camera to take time lapse photos. Nothing complicated, just one IR LED firing a pulse every 15 minutes. My question is, what kind of battery should I use to last the longest in the field? I know 9V holders (with switch) are available, but I can't find one where I live. Could I use a 4 AA holder and solder on a 2.1 mm Barrel Jack?


Since a single 9V has significantly less current capacity compared to a single AA, why would you use a 9V?

Hi, The 9V holder came as part of a kit so I was using it for prototyping. Now, in the field, I need a longer lasting power supply. Any suggestions? Sorry, I'm a beginner, I know this is a basic question. :blush:

Now, in the field, I need a longer lasting power supply.

That's too vague to answer your question.

How much current does your design draw now and how long does it need to last?

The only function of the board is to drive 1 IR LED (?V < 1.9). It would be great if it could last 24 hours.

Sorry, I’m a real newbie. I really appreciate the advice.


What about "make" a 9 V using 6 - 1 1/2 V - Size D. Connect a switch, a barrel connector. D size last longer than 9 V and AA. The raison is 9 V is because of the 7805 inside the Arduino board. 6 V is not enought.

My opinion & idea.