Beating Heart: LED and Motion Sensor

Hello, I'm new to all this and I’m probably in the wrong place.
But I’m a student at university studying art, my theme is is Anatomy.

The idea was to make a sculpture heart (which I've made) and put inside the Arduino with an LED and if possible use the motion sensor to make the heart beat faster as someone approaches.

I've got the blink coding okay, now I’m just struggling with what to do with the motion sensor?

I’m extremely new to all this and apologise if this has already been answered in the forum.

I bought the Elegoo UNO R3 starter kit and I’m not sure if I need anything else to build this?

Thank you in advance,

you could use an IR motion detector , connected to a digital input - when it triggers set a different value in your “delay” .

So have “ delay (motion detected);”
Between your led being off and on in a loop.

Then use the “if “ statement to set different values to the “motion detected” variable , depending on whether the digital input is high or low .
That will get you started and you can modify from there or adapt it using the “ blink without delay “ sketch for the delay to get what you want .

Google “ heartbeat Arduino” too for more inspiration .

Thank you, I’ll have a look!