Beginner, what to buy?


I'm really interested in starting to tinker with arduino, and im looking for some kit to buy at aliexpress or ebay. I've basically never ordered anything online so im a noob. Can someone give me a link or some suggestions to a safe buyer and recommend a good starter kit for about $30-40?

I'm looking at maybe this or this

Would love some guidance!

I'd go with one of these from forum member TerryKing

We got my college age son a set, and donated a couple to our local charter school.

Thanks for the tip! But it seems like you get a lot more stuff at the same price at ebay

While those links you show look inviting, do not forget that they may take weeks to arrive and because of their cost you might get stung by import duties /taxes etc ( dont know what the free limit is in your area, assuming usa)

Also any shortfalls or faulty items, you often have to forget about them as its generally impractical or too time consuming.

If you can put up with all that , fine, its often a good souce, but as you are wanting to get going, would suggest you look on home soil for a starter kit, its surprising how many outlets are starting to compete with the far east prices.

I would suggest that Terry and his partner in China offer better quality parts than you will find in random kits on ebay, and if you have problems with a part are better off having an advocate here in the US (Vermont) to deal with.

I'm looking at maybe this or this

The first one should be suitable for you. These are enough for some small projects for beginner. There are no need too quality stuffs as it's just used for playing and experiment, not for a longtime product. One more, looking for a local shop to be able to buy a small thing quickly. Waiting for aliexpress or ebay is painful and wasted time.

Several Arduino Pro Minis with one FTDI USB to TTL breakout.

Several ATMEGA 328P-PU controllers (with bootloader if offered).

Several Arduino Pro Minis.

Don't forget you'll need a soldering iron and some decent quality solder to put the headers on it. I'd get a breadboard and some jumper wires in all combinations of male and female ends too.

Several ATMEGA 328P-PU controllers (with bootloader if offered).

I wouldn't consider ATmega328P to be an essential part of a beginner's kit. I'll admit the breadboard Arduino was one of my first projects but If I was putting together a list of the 3 most important things to buy to get started ATmega328P chips definitely wouldn't be on it because you already have one on the Arduino.