Best/Easiest way to send MIDI data from arduino to garageband

So I want to make an electronic drum set and right now I'm trying to figure out how to get the arduino to interface with garageband. I have never used MIDI before and I don't really know much about it or how it works. I've done some research, but it seems like there are many ways to do this. Also, some of the resources I've found haven't been too detailed. Just trying to find out the best and easiest way to accomplish this task.


Which Arduino? If you have an UNO R3 you can configure the USB port as a midi interface:

I've used successfully.

Keith thanks for the suggestion but I'd rather not have to mess with the firmware.

dxwood I've tried that but I can't seem to get it to work. When I choose the MIDI baud rate (31250), it won't let me choose an output port, but I can select it for any other baud rate. And sometimes the Serial RX square at the bottom blinks red depending on which baud rate is selected. Also, how can I tell if garageband detects the device. Will it automatically start making noises when I open it?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I've got it! I was using Serial.print() and getting random sounds but when I changed to Serial.write() it worked! If I have any further questions, I'll be sure to post them.

Hi guys,

I'm currently using the spikenzie labs tutorial to make a drum kit and was wondering how you knew garageband had the correct MIDI settings. I've set up the Serial MIDI converter to have the

baud rate of 57600 and output port as java sound synthesizer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!