Best network adapter for Verizon

Hello, I'm trying to find a network adapter that would work for the Verizon CDMA network for my next project. Preferably something with gps as well. This will be my first venture with a project using cell service, a gps tracker with added functionality preferably over the air switches..

If no one has a way to use a Verizon sim, (i say Verizon because i could get an add a line for $10 a month with unlimited data and text..) does anyone know of a good alternative for data and price?

I would prefer the unlimited because I'm not sure how much data the logging would take...

I don't think Verizon is still supporting CDMA after 2020. I've used the Nimbelink Skywire QBG95 on the Verizon LTE-M network very successfully. It also has GNSS capability.

If you're OUS, I think Nimbelink still has CDMA cell modems.

That's weird, no I'm in NJ, i went to the Verizon store yesterday to ask them which models would work and they said not the gsm only the cdma. They also wouldn't tell me any specific models, just that i would have to get one, tell them the imei and then they'll tell confirm if it'll work....

Interesting, the Verizon rep at the store lied to me then...

Do you have any recommendations for a sim module preferably with gps to be used in usa nj?

Nimbelink Skywire QBG95 looks nice but i was curious if there was another option with with a lower price tag than $80.00

I've been bouncing between Amazon and Ebay looking at different modules, my issue is that i really don't know much about any of them. Again this is the first time I'm using a sim module, and it appears the hardest part I'm having is picking a module and plan. The at&t unlimited looks like a decent plan if i can't get the Verizon to connect.. i was reading that all the 2g and 3g modules are being discontinued and 4g only from now on? I guess my biggest issue is a lack of updated information in one source with all the different models and capabilities, i started looking at the sim800c which is apparently newer than the sim900 series, but still only 2g?

I was looking at, but i have no clue if they will serve my purpose

ARDUINO MKR GSM 1400 with Penta Band Antenna [ABX00037]

HiLetgo Smallest SIM800L GPRS GSM Breakout Module Quad-Band 850/900/1800/1900MHz SIM Card Slot Onboard with Antenna 3.7~4.2V

Any ideas?

And just for clarity, the project will be a vehicle tracker, with added functionality such as door locks and alarm system arm disarm. I'm able to connect and make it work via relays over wifi my biggest hurdle is the sim card and module preferably with gps for real time tracking...

I'm sure there are cheaper options; I'm just telling you what I used. We got SIM cards from Verizon since they were the client's provider, but it's a bit easier to use the modem if you buy the SIM card from Nimbelink themselves. They also have an option that uses the modem's built-in SIM.

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