Best way to pinpoint eye pupil direction while eyelids are closed? ALS - Tobii

I have narcolepsy and have lucid dreams every day. I want to know the best way to track the exact location of the pupil while someone's eyelids are closed.

My first though was contacts, but I don't know if there may be a better route.

I am assuming that the eyes move exactly the same in REM as they do in real life. -

So...for example...if someone with ALS who solely uses their eyes and a Tobii device to communicate dreams that they are looking at their monitor while they are wearing contacts during a dream...theoretically if their eyes were moving in the same exact direction that they would in real life...they could communicate from a dream. And add Lucid Dreaming to the mix and they could intentionally communicate whatever they wanted from a dream.

I've never used a Tobii device and just recently was introduced to Arduino.

Wanting to know if there are better ways of achieving detecting the exact direction of gaze of a dreamer.


You're that lucid? Wow, lucidity for me is 50/50, like I'm aware, but it just doesn't occur to me to try things like that. I guess it's more like I'm dreaming that I'm lucid ::slight_smile:

Interesting question though, no idea is my answer.

Try contacting sleep researchers at universities? Opthalmology researchers?

Eye localization from thermal infrared images

I had a very short play around with a FLIR camera last year - I don't recall seeing peoples pupil position through their eyelids though... How would it work?

That being said the IR LEDs I'm using for another project make my teeth uncannily translucent, bordering on transparent - would the same work for eyelids ? I can't tell, my eyes are closed when I close them :smiley:

Inflammation detection at patient´s face under infra-red camera - YouTube I'm guessing it wouldn't work. I don't think the temperature of the eye lid's skin changes that much when the cold pupil passes under it.

1:1, yes. I've been taking mid-day naps almost every day for 9 years and I always have lucid dreams. I've estimated that I have at least 12 minutes of lucid dreaming every time I take a mid-day nap. I've also used Morse code with a wireless mouse in both of my hands to signal my initials and sos from a dream to my computer using a software called LucidScribe. But I want to look into whatever method is best for communicating from a dream.

Unless there is something truly safe that can penetrate the eyelids to show the lenses may be the best option.

What about putting something behind the head as well as in front? I don't know exactly where I'm going with that but thought it might stir some thought.


If contacts are the way to go who or where would I look to get them made, any ideas?