Beta testers for packet radio shield

Hi all,

I'm working on a new shield kit that provides a 1200 baud packet radio modem, an LCD interface (2x8 header for HD44780-compatible modules, with software-controlled contrast), and a prototyping area. All of the modem and LCD functions are controlled through the serial interface, all other pins are available for other use.

I'm looking for a beta tester or two to try out the board (I can spare a couple of freebies, and might make a few more available at cost) - preferably someone who already knows about packet radio and has a radio or two to test with.

You can email me directly at - I don't check the forums very often.



I am familiar with Packet. I ran a pbbs for awhile a decade ago and have lots of radio gear an older TNCs kicking about. Why packet now? Are you trying to make an ARPS node? Packet around here is dead except for APRS.

I have a CW/morse routine that is small and supports the full alphabet if you need it for the CW ID of packet. I encode symbols in a byte which means the entire morselib compiles without using much memory.

I have also created a repeater program for arduino to run a 220mhz machine in town.

It's APRS-centric. Heard of the OpenTracker? Think OT1 (probably OT1+) on a shield.


ok, I understand. I have lots of equipment including a scope, radios galore, and a good understanding of how packet works. What is required to finish the shield? Any special chips? Using a modem chip or generating the tones in software? I might have some modem chips kicking about. I have LCD panels. The TNCs were fairly simple devices, I think they used a XR2211 FSK modem chip and a z80 to give it some smarts.

Here is me:

I have not updated my web site in awhile. I now teach 5 courses and taking a Computer Security course (network protocol stuff with some crypto).

I think the only parts I don't have on hand for more boards would be some 10uF caps. I've got a lot of volunteers, and I'll pick a couple when I get some hardware ready to send.

I've already got CW support built in. Right now the whole thing is under 7k in a 16k part, so there's plenty of room left.

n1vg - can you post a picture of the shield please.

Here's a picture with a 2x12 LCD attached:

Any new updates to pass along Scott?

Looking forward tp checking one out.

Thanks Mike - N2HYO

Any updates on this project? :slight_smile:

I am interested in this too.

By the way, here is an interesting AVR based APRS build, has anyone seen this and tried it with an arduino?

Seen it, yes. First hand. In fact, it nearly hit me falling out of the tree it was stuck in (high altitude balloon payload recovery).

Don't know how easy it would be to port to the arduino. As I recall he uses the timers directly. At the very least timing would have to be adjusted because the crystal is a different speed.


I have 2 of these units but have not put them together yet. Can anyone tell me which LCD panels work with it. There are so many to choose from and the pinouts have to be write.



Can you post the schematic and/or code?

You got 2 OT shields? I didn't realize they'd been released.

The T2 has info on connecting an LCD on ArgentData's wiki.


I think the source is linked at the bottom of The WhereAVR on

That is a slick idea - I've played around with APRS some, ran it on the bike (goldwing) for a while.

73 de Ken H. K9FV


Thanks, the wiki info helped. I am KB2ICI, Mac/WinAPRS author, I got first crack at the units.

I have ordered some LCDs that should work, once I have them up and running I will try to post some info.


Any updates?

Hy im a ham radio user as well, my callsign is YO3IGH and im interested in the packet radio shield, can anybody give me some more info on this project or similar one, Thanks Jonny :smiley:

We have an RTOS which supports Arduino and has drivers for APRS.
We also have an example project, you do not need any special shield, only few common electronics components to transmit and/or receive APRS packets. It is free & open source.