BLDC Motor Control using Arduino

I am developing controls for a linear actuator which is based on BLDC motor. I have two loops, current and position loop. Current control is being done through PWM control. The position feedback is comming from LVDT installed on the actuator. The actuator control is working simulink simulation. My objective is to validate the simulations using arduino and motor driver IC. I have following questions

  1. I have 12 volt 4 pole pairs BLDC motor, what driver IC is good to drive it. I already have one from TI DRV 8313. I hope it can work with Arduino

  2. The feedback from current sensor and LVDT are between 0- 3 volts. I hope I can connect them to the ADC port to close the loop. Please confirm.

  3. The simulink simulation is fixed with sample time of 5e-6 secs, which refers to frequency of 5MHz. Can I send a PWM signal to the target using arduino simulink blocks.

  4. The voltage output at the position sensor is between 0 and 3 volts, if the actuator moves can I visualize this signal in simulink on run time.

  1. No idea, you've not told us what the motor actually is, 12V is not enough information. The DRV8313
    is a 3-phase driver chip drivable from 5V logic. Is the motor sensored or unsensored?

  2. Analog inputs within the Arduino supply voltage range indeed go to analog inputs. How often
    do you want to sample them? By default sampling takes 110us or so. This can be reprogrammed
    to some extent.

  3. Wrong, 5e-6 s sample rate is 200kHz

  4. never used simulink, what aspect are you trying to simulate? Do you have requirements for the
    control loop response time?