BLDC motor control

we are doing a project which involves using bldc hub motor (3 phase, 250w ,36v,with sensors) can we use Arduino for controlling motor.

You can use the Arduino to sequence the motor and set the PWM level, but you'll need a motor driver circuit (a 3-phase discrete MOSFET bridge at the very least). There are motor driver chips designed to do the job just by adding 6 MOSFETs and a few discretes, and some will do the commutating and PWM for you.

But first you need to realize a pre-build solution (full motor controller) is a much easier option, at these power levels you need good protection designed into the controller, since this size of motor will have a stall current towards the 100A range, and its all too easy to explode MOSFETs if you aren't paying attention to fast-acting protection circuitry.

If you want to get into developing driver circuits for BLDCs, start at lower power levels! If not, find a controller that will do what you want.

But you haven't said what you want, "involves using" doesn't help us work out if you want bidirectional control, speed control, high torque at low speed, or what. If you want to implement a control loop for a balancing robot for example, then say so, we can't guess!