Bluetooth app for HC-06 sensors

New to the community!

I'm using an Arduino Uno clone from LAFVIN. In fact, I'm using a robot car kit that comes together with an HC-06 Bluetooth module. I've been following an Arduino series where they use a kit made by Elegoo. To control the car via Bluetooth they use the Elegoo BLE app. I've been trying to use the same app, but it does not find my Bluetooth sensor. Instead, I've tried out several other apps that work fine. So it is not a hardware issue.
The Elegoo app has this nice feature of DIY customization where you can add any number of buttons.
It seems that all other apps come with predefined buttons, such as directions, on/off switches.

Is there any alternative to the Elegoo app that would have such a DIY feature?

And is there a reason why my Bluetooth modules does not work with the Elegoo app?