Board is MKR1000 but port menu displays MKR WiFi 1010


I ran Blink using the board & port as MKR WiFi 1010. Unfortunately, after scanning some threads here, I realized that my board is actually MKR1000 >:( but the port choice remains unchanged in the cascade menu. I am assuming this is fine because Blink still works after download.

Can I simply use the MKR1010 tutorials to ramp up the learning curve? I would like to use the Arduino IoT Cloud. Will the MKR1000 be satisfactory for learning purposes? Are there any libraries (e.g. security) that require MKR1010 specifically for the Arduino IoT Cloud and these would not work with MKR1000?

My apologies for not doing due diligence by reading/searching further at the forum with other threads but I couldn't locate any information.



Sorry, I wrote too soon! The issue has resolved itself with a refresh and now the board/port pair are now matched to MKR1000.


P.S. and the WiFi connection is correct! :slight_smile:

Hi @baqwas,

Just upload the blink example sketch and select MKR1000 as the board type to restore it.