Boards keep breaking on flame sensor project

Hello there, I have recently been attempting to make a project that moves a servo when a flame is detected via a flame sensor. I have attempted to do it on 4 different Arduino UNO boards (various brands) and every time I attempt to test it, the board stops working and no longer is recognized by my computer. Every time I test it I triple-check my connections and at one point I had it working when I plugged the servo and the flame sensor both into the Arduino while powering it off of my computer, but when I introduced changed the wiring to power it off of the 5V regulator and powered my servo off of there, things started to mess up. I am quite confident the regulator works as the Arduino has the power LED's. I have attached a wiring diagram and my code and any help is greatly appreciated.

ArduinoCodeV1.txt (723 Bytes)

Try powering the servo separately, and connect the grounds.

I suggest to take that approach as a general rule, because servos, motors, actuators, etc. inject lots of noise and voltage spikes into their power supply, and that could be killing the Arduino.

Also, a "3A regulator" may not be sufficient for a large servo. Servos draw the stall current every time they start moving, so look up what that is, multiply that by 2x(number of servos) and select a regulator to match.

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Can you please post a link to spec/data of the flame sensor?
Can you please post a link to spec/data of servo?

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I had the same problem with HC-12s. they might last long enough to read the default settings, but they never lasted long enough to write new settings. they failed after the first command was sent to them.

I believe that they needed good level converters to 3.3v, and I fed them with 5 volt logic. cheap ebay level converters did not help.

The wiring diagram and sketch both look like they would produce the expected results.

Separate the two parts of the sketch by trying each device alone.

Try the Sweep example from the Servo library to see if you can get the servo to move properly with the flame sensor detached.

Then try the flame sensor with the servo detached. A sketch with nothing in loop() but "digitalWrite(LED_BUILTIN, digitalRead(flamePin));" will have the built-in LED follow the output of the flame sensor. The LED should turn off when a flame is sensed and on when a flame is not sensed.

If one of those two sketches does not work you will have a much better idea of what part is going wrong.

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