Bootloader on custom board with atmega2560

Ive build a new board with an atMega2560 and now im trying to flash the arduino bootloader. The method is through and Arduino Duemilanove as ISP.
Im pretty sure that the connections between the two boards are correct, but when im trying to burn the bootloader i get this error: “Invalid device signature” Ive also tried with this method Gammon Forum : Electronics : Microprocessors : Atmega bootloader programmer but still cant upload the bootloader.
Do i have any mistakes in my schematic or can anyone imagine something that is wrong?
The board was printed in a fab so the connections are just like in the schematic.
thank you

I believe you had tried the SPI connection right?
Why did you not also include in the board a SPI header? It will be useful to you
Did you try the bit bang mode using another arduino?
Read this

I just realized that in my print screen i dont have all the components in my schematic, some of them was out of the screen and i didnt realized that.
Anyway ive attached the correct one.
As you can see i have an SPI header which is where i connect it to the arduino duemilanove loaded with the isp program.

A small update: I tryed to burn the bootloader with an arduino mega 2560 as ISP. Ive connected a led in pin 7 and one in pin 8. Now im getting the following: When i try to burn the bootloader the led in pin 7 is on. The RX TX led on the ISP arduino mega are showing activity. After a minute im getting this error

avrdude: verification error, first mismatch at byte 0x1e000
         0xff != 0x0d
avrdude: verification error; content mismatch

And after this, in my new board the led in pin13 blinks but not as expected, ON for a second and the OFF for a second, its doing 2 fast blinks, then off and the same again all the time.. Im really confused! Can anyone help me?