Bricked Wifi 101 during firmware upgrade?

This is all I get when attempting to upgrade the firmware of the Wifi 101 on my official Arduino Uno:

2016/03/02 14:56:10 Connecting to programmer
2016/03/02 14:56:12 Synch with programmer
2016/03/02 14:56:12 Reading max payload size
2016/03/02 14:56:12 Flashing firmware from '/Wifi101_FirmwareUpdater/firmware/19.4.4/m2m_aio_2b0.bin'
2016/03/02 14:56:12 Error during FlashErase()

Now none of the Wifi101 examples, including Check101FirmwareVersion work. Could had something gone wrong during the upgrading process? Anything I can do to start anew?