BrokenBootloader on Arduino Micro

Hallo guys,

i bought couple weeks ago a arduino Micro with an amtega32u4. After Programming the arduino a fewtimes in a short time, the arduino wont appear as an USB device. So i dont have a connection to die Arduino IDE to reprogramm it. So i think i broke the Bootloader. I found at an mysmart USB board (where i can use the isp terminal to connect with the arduino

i downloaded:

the software came with the USB mysmart( here i could read the fuses)

But my mainproblem is i can not find any bootloader hexfile for this board. In the Arduino directory by hardware are some Hexfiles but not for the atmega32u4. It should be equal to the leonardo bootloader ?!

So it would be great if somebody could give me a link to a working bootloader hexfile for the atmega32u4 on a arduino micro board. And maby the correct fuse setting.

greeds nico

You can use the Leonardo bootloader if you like, or you can use the Micro bootloader, which is at bootloaders/caterina/Caterina-Genuino-Micro.hex

The fuses are defined in boards.txt:

thanks guys =) So finally it worked with AVRDUDESS with the "Atmel AppNote AVR911 AVROSP" as Programmer Setting with the correct COM Port. After an Detect on the right MCU i could flash the bootloader =)