browse the page returned by the ethernet shield

Hi evryone,

i'm struggling to make this work (as a very 1st try with arduino, i'm a pure newby for now):

i could compile correctly and upload to the arduino but i don't know how to browse the page the board is returning (if i understood well).

in the code there is a IP adresse like:
IPAddress ip(192,168,0,105);

when i indicate this ip in a browser then it says the page is unavailable.

so i wonder if the connections to the board are ok, i have:
1 pc
1 arduino UNO board (recent)
1 ethernet shield

the arduino is connected to the pc via USB
the shield mounted on the arduino board is connected via a cross wired network cable to the pc

am i missing something ?

thanks for your help

Try pinging the IP address, and is it using port 80, otherwise specify it with the ip in the browser

ok will try that,

do i need to plug the ethernet board to the router of my dsl box ?


Yeah, the arduino will need to be running with the Ethernet shield connected.

ok thanks
will update asap