BT Wizard required: connect a selfie BT remote to a HC-05 bluetooth module

I’m trying to use a simple selfie remote like this one:

… to CONNECT to a HC-05 Bluetooth module in MASTER mode like this one:

I have an Arduino UNO connected to the BT module so I can send AT commands and get the replies on the serial window. The connections are fine, and I can send all the AT commands I want.

I can also connect the MASTER HC-05 to a SLAVE HC-05 with no problem.

is a way to connect the BT remote to the MASTER HC-05, and when I press a button, I get some kind of readable info on the HC-05.

I go thru all the AT commands to set the HC-05, and find BT devices.
I can find the remote, but if fails at the PAIR command.

Here are my AT commands:

AT+RMAAD clears any previously paired devices.
AT+ROLE=1 puts the HC-05 in Master Mode
AT+RESET reset the HC-05. This is sometimes needed after changing roles.




Help please?
thank you.

BT devices use different protocol stacks to connect to different types of devices and there are also different BT protocols.
For Example an BT speaker will use an audio stack, a BT keyboard will use a HID stack & a modem would use a Serial stack.

The BT device you have is only flashed with a serial stack so can only connect to other BT modules that use the serial stack. The camera remote button is probably using a different stack protocol and maybe even a different BT protocol.
You would certainly need a BLE 4.0 module (Bluetooth Low Energy) for talking to iOS but I don't know what module you can get that supports other stack types.

Thanks Riva, I kind of suspected that :S
So what are my options?
I need a small 2 button BT remote to control actions on my arduino. Do I need a different BT module (witch one?) or where can I find a BT remote that I can pair with the HC05?
thank you

I also have the alternative to build my one remote with another HC05 (or 06). But I can't get it as small and as slick as the selfie remote..(or as cheap)
I want to wear the remote on my pulse as it was a watch.

Maybe someone here knows of a BLE module that can accept different protocol stacks.

Another alternative if BT is not a must is a 433mHz fob like this and a receiver like this on the Arduino.
You can also get turnkey systems like this where the transmitter/receiver can control 4x relays (no need for arduino)

Yap, those RF remotes would work great, I’ve worked with some in the past.
But this system is to work in an environment where there could be 20 systems like this one, so bluetooth paring would be a must.
I’ve ordered some alternative BLE modules… but I’m flying dark here :S


I had exactly the same project and the same difficulties to connect. The BT remote must be recognized as a HID keyboard, but it seems not to be possible with HC-05.

I try to find other bluetooth interface for arduino without any succes at this moment.

There are a lot of solution to transform Arduino as a HID keyboard, but I can't find one to perform arduino to receive HID Keyboard order.

The first who find the solution inform the other.