building a crane-like robot using an Arduino Robot Kit / adding extra motors ?

Dear all,
I'm new to Arduino and would like some insight please.

I'm planing to build a Crane-like Robot using the Arduino Robot kit as a base, i will add a mechanical hand or a claw, a camera for image processing, and some sensors.
my question is, will the Robot Kit handle the addition of a camera and the extra motors, and if not then would adding another motor shield solve the issue ?

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I am by no means an expert, but I have found that not everyone has time to leave a reply on this forum.

Power wont be an issue as you can just connect onto the power supply, just count the connectors for the board, and then design your robot with that number of motors in mind, if you need more connectors for servos etc, get another board.

Its really horrible to hear, but google has really been my friend since I came here. Good luck mate! :slight_smile:

If you're adding RC servos (as I assume you would to build an arm or crane) then you would just need to add an additional power source to provide the 5V power to those servos. Be sure to combine the grounds of all power sources that you're using.

If you're not planning on using RC servos but rather brushed DC motors then you will need motor driver chips for those motors. An L293 is the typical chip used; lots of examples to be found on the 'net. I'd still encourage you to consider RC servos because they offer a lot more simplicity -- the motor driver is in the servo so that eliminates a lot of the difficulty in getting things put together.

The Arduino robot is using AA batteries so you can assume that the board is not designed to produce more than ~500ma of power.

I've never seen an Arduino Robot in the flesh so to speak, but judging from the photos I'm not sure it lends itself to mechanical attachments. Also being a two-wheeler it might not have the stability for a crane to reach out.

Before you commit yourself, might be an idea to look around on other sites (Pololu?, Sparkfun?) to see what other bases are available. Or even think of making one from scratch from (say) Meccano.