Building a "external mouse touch pad"

Hi Arduino,

I am Xavier, a student from Singapore. I am working on a project which requires a controller circuit that could accept input from a capactive touch sensor and output via USB to computer. In short, to build an external mouse touch pad.

The capacitive touch sensor is a pcb board with X and Y rows of contact points.

I would then use a program to intepret the data from the controller and acquire the position of the finger in real time.

If possible, please kindly suggest the most suitable controller circuit for this project and procedure in purchasing it.

well , i think you need to use a due or leonardo. couse it can mimic a peripheral such as mouse and keyboard.... the way you program it well, i cant suggest to you anything due to i have no experience with it ....

Thanks for sharing, previously I was lookin at "UNO" but not sure whether it can handle multiple X - Y axis of contacts points simultaneously. Any suggestion ?

urm as im not mistaken any board that have analog input can make do. let me see if i could find a page to help you btw its 2 am hows singapore?

heres a link that if you want to use a ready made touch pad and how about this would help to i guess and finally this

Really appreciate your help! I was at dfrobot earlier too, but because it is a proj, it would be better if I could only use arduino and the rest of the parts DIY.

Singapore just had election recently, everything is pretty normal i guess. Hows msia? U staying at KL ?

Btw, for parts on sale at dfrobot, I dont understand the centre part of the connector that connect arduino and keypad together. Is tat a converter? Can I replicate it on my own easily ?

Thanks in advance!

yeah i live in KL... ur you know a lil bit of exploreling could get you far see this page in perticular ly hor the shematic show the connection between arduino and touch pad cd

I found the schematic, my bad. thanks!

Do u know whether Arduino board used is 'UNO' ?

technically if you need to use the capasitive touch sensor for any other project then any board will do. but since your making it to be an external touch pad for a comp then you need a protocol that able to mimic the functionality of a touch pad. basically your making a digitizer try look it up too