Camera Connection

This is my first post, sorry if it is in the wrong forum / place etc.

I am new to using the Arduino IDE, and have only used it to upload some sketches onto a couple of NodeMCU boards.

I have a project i want to do, I have a camera (its a camera from a car “backing-up” system, it would go behind the license plate and there is a 3" lcd that would go inside, it is from an Hopkins SmartHitch kit), i have connected it up to a battery (12V) for testing, and it works. I want to be able to connect it to a NodeMCU (or equivalent) to give it an IP address and basically make it an IP cam. The camera has four wires coming from it, RED/BLACK/YELLOW/WHITE the red and black are power/ground and the YELLOW is the video, don’t know what the white is(audio?) using the same LCD screen and connecting the wires together then to the battery gives me a picture on the screen.

Is this a possibility?

Thanks in advance for any comments / help.

What Arduino?

"I want to be able to connect it to a NodeMCU (or equivalent)"
I have not actually used any Arduino before, but i have used the Arduino IDE to flash NodeMCUs. I would like to use a NodeMCU as i have various, but if it needs to be an arduino, i could buy one, but wouldn't know which one without help.

Arduinos can't handle camera image.
NodeMCU may be able to handle this (it's a much more powerful MCU with much more memory).
But really you should be looking at more powerful platforms like the Raspberry Pi.
Maybe the new ESP32 can handle video - it at least has the computing power and memory needed, and of course WiFi built in.

What you have to do:

  • find out how the signal is encoded on the wire (could be analog, could be digital),
  • find a way to read this specific signal on a microprocessor,
    (and now it gets easy)
  • send out the captured images.

wvmarle - Thank you for your reply, ok thats kinda good news i think. I am getting the impression this might be a lot harder than I initially thought. Any tips on how to discover the signal type, I still have the original “board” that the camera and sensors were connected to, but no clue what i can do with it. I will attach a photo, not sure if it helps at all.

Irony aside, that is an ATMEL ATMEGA chip running it. I cannot make out which one though

Check out this link

@tinman13kup i looked with a light and magnifying glass, it says ATMEGAGA AU 1414.
@Grumpy_Mike - Cheers, not sure if it is the same camera, think i am going to have to open it up, but it is all weather sealed, thanks for the link.

I am assuming the pins (on the original board) could be used for connecting to the computer, would there be a way to connect it and see the program running on it, or even connect the board to the Nodemcu for the wifi, or am i just completely reaching now.... (if so, how to know what pins are what).

UPDATE: - After googling, i guess is says ATMEGA64, not ATMEGEGA.

not sure if it is the same camera

I am sure it is not, but the point is that it has worked and is a known thing. Where your camera is just guess work.