Camera for photogrammetry (macro)

Hi all!

I'm building a photogrammetry wheel for shooting insects and very small objects.
In order for the photogrammetry software to be able to process the shots, I need the footages to be: perfectly on focus, high res, and RAW format. I want to avoid stacking images.

It'd be great if I can work with a 18MP camera. I can go down to 12MP, but no lower otherwise the software won't be able to process the tiniest details. I was thinking about pairing the camera with a 50mm lens.

When shooting, the insect will be still. It'd be best if I can obtain 300ppi pictures, 1920 x 1080 big.

I found out about ArduCAM. Anybody tried it and would like to recommend?
Any good alternative you'd like to suggest?

Thanks in advance for your help! :slight_smile:

What distance do you want between the camera and the insect?

Most digital cameras have a Macro feature. My Nikon P900 claims to focus down to 1cm from the lens - but you would hardly buy one of them specifically for macro photography.