camera ov 7670 fifo/nofifo + adruino uno/mega2560 capture and compare image

i have 1 project camera ov 7670 fifo/no fifo + arduino uno/mega2560 or ttl camera vc0706 + arduino save on sd card and compare 2 image...please help me if you can do it!

What are your performance expectations?

i want save the image on the sd card and compare a recently taken photo with a previously taken photo. If two photos are the same, turn on a led


The images WILL be different every time. So you can't do this without a lot of processing power. The MEGA is not the way to go, better with a PC or Raspberry pi at least.

If I convert the image to qvga format and .bmp file type is it possible? Or I will transfer .jpg images via serial port and use the computer to process!

What part of
The images WILL be different every time.
Are you having trouble with?