Can a 2-channel relay module control 2 bidirectional actuators?

Hi all,

I found that it is a common practice to use 2-channel relays to control the polarities and hence the direction of motion of the actuator. The positive and negative wires of the actuator connect to the 2 COM terminals of the relays respectively, while both NC terminals are connected to ground and both NO terminals are connected to the power supply. Depending on which of the 2 relays are activated, the polarities can be switched.

I was wondering if it is possible for a 2 channel relay module to control 2 of such actuators to achieve synchronised motion? Both actuators will be connected in the same manner described above: The 2 positive wires of the 2 actuators connect to the COM terminal of the first relay, while the 2 negative wires of the 2 actuators connect to the COM terminal of the second relay. The NC and NO terminals are connected exactly as it is mentioned above. As such, I am expecting that, when one of the relays are activated, both the actuators receive the same polarity at the same time and start moving (or stop) at the same time, achieving synchronised motion. Will such a set up be possible and most importantly, safe?

Thanks in advance!

It all depends on how much current each actutator draws vs. the rated current of the relays. If your relay is rated at 10A and each actuator only draws an amp or two, then you are golden. I would NOT push the relays to their rated current or else they will fail (if they are the garden variety relays modules)

I see. I understand now. Thanks!

What if the actuators get out of sync? Most probably you'll also need end switches and eventually home switches for the determination of an initial position.

I'd use 2 H-bridges for 2 actuators, not relays.