CAN-Bus ECU Reader demo sketch


I´m trying to run the CAN-Bus ECU Reader demo sketch from here:

It starts and prints "CAN Init ok", but than it freezes. I´ve done some debugging and got the line where it breaks. It´s this line:


inside the Canbus.cpp

I really don´t know why this is happen and how to fixe it. The CAN-board was connected to an 2010 Volkswagon. Any hints in the right direction?

greetings Sunny

Btw. I'm using Arduino v0021. Could this problem be caused by the SPI divider bug? Should I update to v0022 or downgrade to v0017? What Version did the guy in the shield's demo video use?

Did anyone use this shield with success? If so, on which Arduino board, which Arduino software version and did you modify something inside the Canbus and/or MCP2515 Libraries?

Got it working with this Library / Sketch:

greetings Sunny

does anybody have the code from the video above?