Can I power a 3.3V 8MHZ pro mini with 5V and still use 8mhz?

I bought by mistake 6 pro mini 3.3V and 8mhz xtal.

Usually for my project (I already have the pcb and external voltage regulator for 5V) I use 5V 16mhz pro minis.

Now I would like to know if I can get away and salvage this 3.3V 8mhz pro minis, by compiling the code for 8mhz but still feeding 5V though VCC pin (not RAW)


You can apply the 5V supply to either pin, and it should work fine. The Atmega 328P on the Pro Mini will operate fine at 8MHz up to 5.5V on Vcc. Or you could apply the 5V to Raw, and it would be regulated down to 3.3V. The 328P will draw a good bit more current when operating at 5V than at 3.3V, so if battery life is an issue, connecting 5V to Raw would probably be best. But that would depend on what voltage any other devices are running at. If they are all 5V, it would probably be easier to run the 328P at 5V too. Anyway, 8MHz gives you lots of flexibility.

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