Can't find Port menu on Arduino Web Editor

I'm sure there must be a control for this somewhere. But the select other board and port only lets me select a board. (It's the menu that popup up when you click on the arrow for the board.)

Do you have Arduino Create Agent running?

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Thanks. I'm using a Mac. The Activity Monitor Application shows two copies of Arduino Create Bridge. The menubar has two icons for Arduino Plugin. The item for Agent version is grayed out.

My board is recognized and works properly in Arduino IDE 1.7.11

I got it working. It seems that it started working after using the Open debug console command in the menubar Arduino menu.

I still got the problem with the web editor. The port is just not there. If anyone got a solution please tell me.

i still can't find the port setup

Same problem here. It says "Select Other Board & Port" but there is no Port menu provided.

@ Stasysha and arnaud_colruyt and Impossible.

None of you have provided enough information and You were all in the wrong section of the forum.

Please READ THIS and post your respective questions in the CREATE EDITOR section please.

I experienced the problem mentioned above where the window in the Create Arduino Editor for Ports was not showing up, and my Arduino Uno R2 was not being detected by Arduino Create. I'm running Windows 10 on a MS Surface Pro, connecting through an Anker 4-port USB hub between the Surface and the Arduino. I ended up uninstalling the Arduino Create Agent, downloading a new copy (v1.1), and re-installing. This solved the problem for me.

I'm a noob. Make sure you you have downloaded the arduino plugin, I never had to select the port to program the device even though the tutorial says to.

Any just download the plugin.

go to toggle_menu>>getting_started>>set_up_the_arduino_plugin

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Helaas, bij mij werkt dit alles niet.
Ik ben juist van IDE naar Web-editor gegaan om andere problemen in IDE, maar ik krijg de USB-poort van de Web-editor niet werkend. Opnieuw installeren van de plug-inn herkent hij niet: blijft naar geinstalleerde plug-inn zoeken.
Ik heb windows10 en gebruik Chrome.

Do any of you see the CHANGE option for any board ?
If so you can re-select both the correct board and the correct port from that option.



I'm having the same issue as OP: Menu 'Select other board & port' lists only boards not ports so my selected entry reads 'Arduino/Genuino Uno'.

My details:
• OS: Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit
• Browser: Chrome Version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit)
• Type of board: Arduino Uno R3 (genuine part)
• Does your board work on the regular DESKTOP IDE: I didn't try but tbh if I do and it works I might not switch back to Create Editor...
• USB port being used: USB 2.0

I have the plugin installed.
There are no 'CHANGE' options in my 'Select other board & port' menu.
I'm about to try a reboot of my laptop (it's Windows - what do you expect?!).

Just noticed that Create Editor and Plugin are supported on Windows 10 only. Ok, let's try the Desktop IDE...

The reboot didn't work.
However I just installed the Desktop IDE. It installs a bunch of drivers. After that, on a hunch, I went back to Create Editor and, what do you know, the COM port now shows up in the 'Select other board & port' menu!
So I'm sorted :slight_smile:

BTW the plugin works all the way down to windows 7 ! just to clear that up.

That you installed the drivers in a roundabout way via the IDE would strongly indicate you missed a step when installing the plugin.

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Funny thing. Next time I opened the Create Editor my board is once again shown without the port. I took ballscrewbob's hint and uninstalled the plugin and reinstalled it - very carefully. And once again I have no COM port with my board.

I suspect something else in your case snakewood.

For simple plugin errors normally a re-install would suffice.

In deeper cases it can turn out to be a multitude of things that could cause a port not to be seen.

Driver enforcement in win 10 can be a PITA. I would normally relax the setting a little myself.

Antivirus or other security software is a common issue and there are usually ways around that depending on what you use.

USB 3.0 ports have also been seen to have some issues (not always) and there are ways around that too.

A computer that is not yours such as an educational or company computer can also give issues. Your IT department would have to be involved in that type of fix.

Some (very few) ISP's could be blocking network ports.

VPN's can also have thier own issues along with educational networks themselves.

You would have to give more detail about the things from those above that you think might affect you.

Darn! Found it: My USB connector was not quite pushed all the way home into the laptop - it was pushed far enough in to pick up the power (my last sketch was blinking away at me from the board) but not far enough to trigger the driver - maybe as little as 0.5 mm short of where it needed to be. I do apologise for such a newbie error :-\

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No problem.
Glad you found the cause.