CCTV DVR on SD Card?

Hey, I think im asking kinda pathetic question :) But here it is:

Is there any easy way to build 4 ch DVR that stores regular analog SD (D1) video to SD card, say 1ch to 1 SD card or all 4ch to 1 SD card?

Hope there is one ;-) TNX for help!

will go backwards:

  1. D1 - i thought ist most popular format :) Well i dont care about vidoe format, say I have regular (or not too regular) analog CCTV camera so I want to record it.

  2. Bandwith, so I guesss is betetr to use multiple HCSD cards? How would i calculate the bandwith?

  3. "Yes there is a way to store D1 to an SDHC card. The function is similar to the way modern digital camcorders work. Of course Arduino is not up to the task because it isn't fast enough."

So what chip I can use for this purpuse, the easy one preferably :)

I know DaVinci chips but they are too complexy for my hobby interest, i will have to starve w/o food so i can afford to play with them lol

There is no easy choice. This is not an easy project.

Here's how I would tackle this project:

1) All cameras used would be IP cameras with mjpeg or equivalent streaming capability. 2) The DVR would be PC-based, running Linux, and ZoneMinder: 3) Pick the cameras best compatible with ZoneMinder (most IP cameras should work). 4) Build the DVR using a Mini-ITX box, or a system from here:

You might even be able to use one of their DVR capable boards:

The real key behind this, though, is the ZoneMinder software - its powerful and works great; I have it set up here at my house - it sends an email to my phone with attachments to show when someone trips a defined zone. It can be used as simply or as complex as you want or need. To me it seems to be a very professional and robust system.


cr0sh: usng PC based DVR is nice but i'm actually getig here because PC dvrs are no good for mt project :) I need device that is portable and can run on battery. My super power saving pC bord gives me 4 hour time if i run off large battery. yet can only handle only 1 camera processing analog one.

ZoonMinder is good, i used to use it. But IP cameras are no good for me :( Too large, and too expansive.

So since arduino not good enough, maybe there is still other chips? If I have to use SATA drive i can stick w/ it even though not really happy.

I wanted to do simplicity for the user:

If camera attached write video of mediom quolity to SD card. No controls, no buttons, no setings. If SD card removed we stor writing, if SD car inserted again we continuee writing (perhabs new file)

And yep, im no good for the project but i can bug my frinds :)))

which chip from Xcom is good fro DVR? it seams they are mor einto Audio side at least their dev boards..

Bagleboard, can it work as DVR?

ok what chop is good for digitizing? One of my frind told me I need to use FPGA

Bagleboard, can it work as DVR?

Nope. Only good for slicing bagels on.

ok what chop is good for digitizing?

It is not simply a matter of getting a chip and running video thorough it. It has to be placed on a board with a proper PCB and design. These chips tend to be only surface mount and many are BGA footprints. BGA mounting parts are not a DIY thing.

i dont assamble anything myself anyway so i dont care is it is surface mount :) [as long as they hev dev board so i can play around first]

well id i know what i dont know then i know what i will be learning soon :)