dvr interfacing

hi everyone.

can you help me how to interface using a surveillance camera to dvr then get the picture from the dvr then it will send via mms or just only a text message this message will serve as a alarm.

thank you.

Hi Elana,

Do you have a datasheet of the surveillance camera and of the DVR?

Furthermore the requirements are not clear. When must an alarm be sent? How should /can it be detected?

Be aware that Arduino is not capable todo realtime image analysis (what is needed for surveillance), but it might be used to send a TXT message (with some additional hardware)

actually sir we don't have data sheet for the dvr and for the surveillance camera.. we just buy this dvr and the surveillance camera. for our adviser said he will do the work but the payment was too much so we decided to done it with the group and need some help to the people who had an idea about our project.
this is the camera specification of the dvr we buy.
for the camera:Camera:
? Signal Format: PAL/NTSC
? Image Senor: 1/3 inch Sony CCD Chip
? Horizontal Resolution: 420TV Lines
? S/N Ratio: More than 52dB
? Minimum Illumination: 0Lux (IR ON)
? Lens: Built-in 8mm Lens
? Distance (Meter): 20 Meter Infrared Distance
? View Angle: 45°
? IR LED: 24pcs LEDs Night Vision
? Average Life: 20000hrs,Warranty Life:6000hrs
? Water Resistance: IP65
? Video Output: 1.0Vp-p, 75ohm
? Operation Temperature: -10?~+50?
? Supplied Power: DC 12V±10% 1A
for the dvr
? Video Input Format: NTSC/PAL
? Video Output (CVBS): 1 channel
? Video Input (CVBS): 2 channels
? Display Frame Rate: NTSC: 30fps; PAL: 25fps; Mode (sequence): Full/PIP
? Recording Frame Rate: NTSC:15fps; PAL: 12fps
? Recording Mode: Motion detection
? Display Resolution: NTSC: 720 x 480; PAL: 720 x 576
? Recording Resolution: AVI: Video:160 x 120; Photo: 640 x 480
? OSD: English
? Back-Up (Archive Device): SD card (up to 8GB)
? Search Function: Mode: Date & Time; F/Screen: Yes
? Motion Detection: Yes (Internal)

the problem to the dvr the motion detection was built in.. our panelist said that we might do some circuit about motion detection.
we are going to use PIR sensor... i just see some project they use PIR these could be help to us.. this is the site . .but the problem was the camera was too expensive the we can't afford to buy for it.we are form Philippines we are just student need to done this project.

When must an alarm be sent? How should /can it be detected?

  • it will alarm if the PIR sensor trigger a motion then the servo motor will go to the part were he detect the motion then it will send text message to the owner using gsm module.

it could be possible sir if we could use this camera and dvr interfacing with the arduino microcontroller?

we don't have much idea how to program this project.

(no sir, just Rob)
this is an example for pir - Arduino Playground - HomePage - instead of displaying some time info you need to switchon the camera and dvr

besides the playground there is a lot to learn how to program at the tutorials site - -

hopes this helps to get you started.

Hi elena
if you still need any help with your project, may be i can help you, i am doing something like your project

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