CH340/CH341 USB to serial MAC OS driver

I’ve read the other threads suggesting to download the CH341SER_MAC_ZIP driver in order to get the newer Mac’s with USB C to work with the IDE. Maybe its just me, but i have some ‘concern’ about the CH340/CH341 USB to serial MAC OS driver given it seems like non-official arduino software(?). My concern being around system security. It installs at a pretty low level in the kernel. Has the software been scanned for security holes? How do we know its not collecting key strokes or similar trojan horse attacks?

The CH340/341 driver is NOT used by the Arduino company. Therefore it will probably never be included with the bundled drivers.

It is used by the CREATE ONLINE editor though right out of the box. The OFFICIAL source of the drivers is a Chinese site. Simply because the Chinese clones make so much use of it.

You can of course upload the file to VIRUSTOTAL if you are unsure. They use multiple scanning systems to check for nasties.

You are of course correct to assume the worst until given or shown alternately. More users should take the same approach to thier systems as a whole.


Thanks @ballscrewbob for the virustotal suggestion. I installed the drivers on an old Mac I no longer use and ran a local virus scan utility on top of uploading the software to virustotal. Everything came back clean. That gives me enough comfort to proceed...

You are most welcome.
Enjoy your arduino adventures.